Make Your Concrete More Appealing with help from Rockford Stamped Concrete

Consider getting concrete staining services in Rockford, Belmont & Sparta, MI

Do you want to give your home a sophisticated, modern look? If so, consider our staining services. Stained concrete has color variations that resemble marble. It can be used to add interest to interior basement and main level concrete floors. Rockford Stamped Concrete can stain many pre existing concrete slabs or install new concrete floors and stain them for you. With stained concrete, the original finish of the concrete is the single largest determining factor in the appearance of the finished surface. We know how to install new concrete floors to optimize the final stained product.

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Learn more about the different types of concrete stains available

When it comes to concrete staining services, we'll utilize the best type of floor staining product there is to choose from.

  • Acid stains, which come in a variety of earth tones; water-based stains that come in a broad range of colors, and acetone dyes, which are an effective choice in many situations

When it comes to stained concrete, we're your local experts.